Pool Maintenance

We will keep the swimming pool maintained for daily usage. Any technical maintenance will be arranged.

We can provide all your cleaning and maintenance needs and effect small repairs and replacement parts.

We can also arrange the installation of a salt system if you do not like to add chemicals to your pool and solar heating if you like the water a little warmer.

Seasonal Swimming Pool Care

  • ‘Open’ Pool for Summer Season in preparation for you or your guests use
  • Once your pool has been prepared for use, we will carry out weekly visits to check water quality, pH and chlorine levels, and adjust accordingly, cleaning pool and filters as needed
  • Check other items, such as pumps, pipework and area surrounding Pool to make sure that all is as it should be – and to advise client of any necessary action that needs to be taken
  • ‘Close’ Pool at the end of summer, including draining of Pool and pipework to below skimmer and filter levels – to prevent freezing and subsequent damage. Adding the correct products for the ‘winterizing’ and finally putting winter cover in place to prevent winter leaves and debris entering the Pool.

We will take on the responsibility of looking after your home and investment whilst you are not in residence ensuring you peace of mind at all times.