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If you have just invested in that second home that you’ve always dreamed of then you will want to protect that investment. All properties require constant maintenance, particularly older, renovated, rural ones. The house, garden, swimming pool, driveways, utilities etc…..all need constant attention. To look after these things yourself means trying to coordinate a number of different people, perhaps in an unfamiliar language and often from far away. We will take on the responsibility of looking after your home and investment whilst you are not in residence with an extensive range of services.

If you have a swimming pool we can provide all your cleaning and maintenance needs and effect small repairs and replacement parts. We can also arrange the installation of a salt system if you do not like to add chemicals to your pool and solar heating if you like the water a little warmer.

Are you unsure of or in need of help on how to market your holiday home? We can work with you to design a successful marketing remedy for your home. For more information see further in the site.

Our other services include supporting you to let your house.  We provide a service from designing and creating your website, ensuring it is hosted and kept up to date through to taking bookings from guests and meeting them for their holiday.

If you would like to have more information on our range of services please use the links above, if you would like to talk to us our details are on the Contact page.


We will take on the responsibility of looking after your home and investment whilst you are not in residence ensuring you peace of mind at all times.